Martha Maccallum, an extra ordinary versatile personality

Many good journalists, television anchors and reporters are women, there are more opportunities for woman because there are more television channels, cable television is beamed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in many household and with the popularity of internet increasing day by day there is no wonder that skills of a women as television anchor are appreciated by the communication industry. However, all these women television anchors and journalists have one thing in common; they are very beautiful. Martha Maccallum is a News Anchor in Fox News.  She has been working a long time as an anchor at Fox News, before she joined the channel, she was working was working as an anchor for other channels.

Martha was born in New York in 1964; she attended St. Lawrence University got a degree in Political Science and started her career as a journalist from Wall Street.   She worked as a journalist for ‘Corporate Finance’ a magazine dedicated to finanacial news. She started working as an anchor for CNBC, NBC affiliates and Today. In 2004 she joined Fox News and started working as an anchor.  She is still with Fox News and in her capacity of a news anchor with the channel; she has interviewed many famous people, including General Petraces Pope John Paul II, and John McCain.  During her stint withCNBC she had a regular program called “CNBC’s Morning Call with Martha MacCallum and Ted David”. She also ran an show ‘Checkpint’ in the evening in which she discussed three topics, business, war and security. Earlier she was a regular contributor to Today, CNBC World, “The News” with Brain Williams, and NBC afflitiates. When she was working with CNBC she created a program called “Inside the Business for Business Centre”.  Martha covered the royal wedding and she again anchored from London the birth of royal baby, Prince George ofCambridge, the first child of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She reported ceaselessly during Hurricane Katrina and funeral of Pope John Paul II whom she had interviewed earlier for her channel.  She was a part of extensive coverage during three presidential elections in 2004, 2008 and 2014. For her exceptional work as news reporter and a television anchor she was awarded ‘Gracie Allen’ and ‘American Women in Radio and Television’ awards.

Martha is married to a successful businessman Daniel John Gregory and they have three children, a daughter and two sons.  The couple was married in a Catholic church in 1992. They live in a very stylish house in an up market area and there are pictures in media of the family having breakfast round their sleek dinning table, posing as a perfect happy family that has no issues.  However, there are regular rumors that Martha is involved with her co host Bill Hemmer as both of them often go together to attend social functions for the channel.  It is also reported that they appear to be very comfortable with each other, but Martha insists that they are friends and the functions they attend together are connected with their television work and obviously she could nottake her husband along when she is working.  Whatever, the reason for the rumors so far Martha and her husband have not did not file divorce papers nor they have separated.  They live together in the same house with their children, both have very taxing careers and they seemed to be concentrating on their careers. The gossip started when Martha was found on one occasion minus her wedding ring.  She said that this happens often and that it is ridiculous to invent a whole story based on this small detail.

Apart from her stylish house in the town, Martha also owns a ‘stunning house’ at Cape Code. It is reported that the house is picture perfect and when Martha is tired after her round the clock reporting she takes some time out and heads to her house in Cape Code.  Recently, the house was showcased by ‘Country Living’ a well known. From the pictures that appeared in the magazine the luxrious intrior of the house is tastefully furnished with comfortable but stylish furniture. The living room has two old sofas uphostered in white and scattered with cushions with printed covers in soothing prints. ‘Country Living ‘also pictured the famous happy breakfast scene with family gathered round the dinning table. The house is painted in soothing white color; however, here and there one can catch a glimpse of the original wooden paneling. Martha is seen shopping around like any other ordinary housewife for comfortable furniture and knick knacks for the house.

There is no doubt that Martha is a versatile, articulate and very intelligent woman. She is a well known face of Fox Channel News and the public has accepted her as a minor celebrity.  People want to know more about her, her habits, her houses, her children and her husband.  It is one way of connecting with the celebrity and thanks to this tendency celebrities are forced to live under the glare of spot lights, twenty four hours a day. Martha is a sophisticated, stylish career woman and she appears to have taken this minor inconvenience in her stride.

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