Emma Stone, the talented movie and theatre actress

United States of America is a final destination for many immigrants from all over Europe who come to the country to improve their lives.  Many modern Americans have a mixed ancestry from many European countries like German, Swedish, English, Scottish, Irish or Italian.  Emma Stone, the movie and television actress, also have a mixed ancestry; her grandfather came over from Sweden and changed his name from Swedish ‘Sten’ to anglicized ‘Stone’.  Emma was born in Arizona and moved to Los Angeles when she was very young to try and land some roles in movies.  Her blond Swedish good looks helped her to get many good acting roles in television series and in movies.  Presently, she has moved to New York from Los Angles.

 Emma Stone was born in 1988, in Scottsdale in Arizona in a comfortably well off family, her father, Jeff Stone owned a building contracting company and her mother Krista stayed at home to look after the family.  Her parents also partly owned the famous ‘Camelback Golf Club’.  She has a younger brother Spencer.  From an early age Emma showed great interest in acting; when she was only 11 years old, she dropped off from the school to act in ‘Valley Youth Theatre’.  Some of the productions in which Emma took part were, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Princes and the Pea’. She was also part of the ‘improv comedy troupe’ of the Valley Youth Theatre.  Her parents helped her acting career by engaging a private acting coach.

Emma attended regular elementary and Middle School classes, but left high school in freshman year and was coached at home for two years. She convinced her parents to allow her move from her home town to Los Angles when she was only fifteen years old. With her natural blond looks and husky voice Emma, who changed her first name from Emily to Emma when she signed with ‘Screen Actors Guild’, it was easy for her to land a juicy role as Laurie Partridge in a pilot for a reality show ‘The New Partridge Family’ in 2005. However, this project was abandoned and as the pilot was not picked up by any producer.

Emma’s acting career picked up when she appeared as a guest star in many well known sitcoms, including ‘Medium’ and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.  She had a regular role in the serial ‘Drive’; this sitcom was aired for only one season.  In 2007 Emma acted in a comedy movie titled ‘Superbad’, the movie went on to become a box office hit.  She also co stared with other actors in many movies, including ‘The House Bunny’ and ‘The Rocker’.  Emma played the role of the ghost of Michael Douglas’ girlfriend in the blockbuster movie ‘Ghost of Girlfriends Past’. She also had important roles in many films released in 2009.

In 2010 Emma was nominated for Golden Globe for her role as a high school student who becomes notorious in the school because it was rumored that she was promiscuous in the movie ‘Easy A’.  She looked fresh, innocent, amusing and appealing in this role.  Her next big role was that of a graduate who wants to be a writer in the movie ‘The Help’ in 2011.  The movie was nominated in the best picture sector for Golden Globe as well as Oscar awards.  Emma acted in 2012 in the movie ‘Cray, Stupid, Love’ and in the same year she was part of the blockbuster movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Her latest movie projects include Crimson Peak, a sequel to the Amazing Spider Man and two untitled projects, a Woody Allen’s movie and a Cameron Crow’s film that are in the pre production stage.

Emma Stone is known for her intense dedication to the roles in the movies, she has known to dye her blonde hair to red for a movie.  She is also well known for her fashion acumen and can carry off both casual and formal clothes with panache.  She was seen recently in Europe wearing an elegant gown on a formal occasion with her boyfriend, actor Andrew Garfield. The next day she was entirely at home in a casual pencil pants and a knitted top. On both occasions she looked relaxed yet stylish at the same time.

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