Cesar Millan is a self trained dog trainer

Dogs have been accepted as the friendliest animals from the ancient times.  During the hunting period dogs accompanied hunters in the forests and helped them to get a bigger bag of games by chasing and flushing out small animals from the shelter of bushes and trees. As the time passed dog became familiar and acquired many roles in the lives of mankind, it was a trusted friend, a watchdog that protected the home and family and a hunter that helped in the hunts; dogs also became a part of families as pets. They were invited to live inside the house.  When they started living inside the house they needed to be trained to follow the rules of living in the interior, particularly rules that are related to hygiene. However, very soon people discovered that it was not possible for everyone to train dogs, a specific type of skill was needed to train them, and owners were incapable of acting tough to discipline their dogs to follow the rules.  Dog trainers were needed to train and discipline pets. Some dog trainers use tough methods with a soft touch and Cesar Millan is an expert in using the tough and soft touch method to discipline dogs. Cesar Millan is a famous television personality and dog trainer, who is self trained, and he calls his method of training dogs ‘calm assertive energy’.

Millan, lived his whole life looking after and taking care of dogs.  He spends his early years in Mexico and used to take care of dogs on his grandfather’s farm.  He was so good with dogs that the local people called him ‘dog boy’.  When he was twenty he slipped across the border into America.  As he was an illegal immigrant, he had to take any type of job that was offered to him and he started working in a store that groomed canines.  He had no visa and his English language skills were practically nonexistent.  From a semi skilled daily wage earner  to the most famous dog trainer in the USA and in the world, the story of Cesar Millan is an extraordinary saga of hard work, specific skills and an ability to understand dogs and work with them.

Behind Millan’s successful lies in the theory that it is not enough to love your dog and give it good food and safe place to live, it is also necessary for the owners to establish their role as leaders in order to discipline their dogs, set a limit between permissible behavior and non permissible behavior.  Set boundaries and clearly communicate that a certain kind of behaviour is acceptable and if there is a deviation from the set rules the dog needs to be told in no uncertain terms that this behaviour is unacceptable.  In other words, along with food, shelter, affection, exercise the dog also needs to be disciplined.  Millan believes that some owners shower too much love, but hesitate to discipline their pets, even when they needed to be disciplined.  Millan specializes in training aggressive dogs, and he always advises their owners what methods to adopt when they are training their dogs. He uses sounds to train them, and advises the owners to develop their own sounds and train their dogs to follow them as commands.

Millan has his own series of television shows called ‘Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan’ that was regularly watched by the viewers. Through these series, he explains his method of training dogs. The series also featured Millan’s dog Daddy, the original dog that used to appear in the serial died of old age and Millan replaced it a dog of similar breed. However, there were whispers that Millan uses excessive force to train dogs and the series lost its dedicated segment of viewers.  Millan has written three books on the topic, his books were translated into other languages and were sold all over the world, in the USA alone nearly two million copies were sold.  He tours other countries and conducts workshops, advising people how to use his method of creating relationships that are balanced between owners and their pets. Millan is a self trained person, he is not professionally trained. In 2014 his serial called ‘Cesar’ went into the air.

Recently, there were whispers against the training methods used by Millan, professional dog trainers questioned his method of training and said that sometimes he uses excessive force to discipline and train dogs.  There were articles and news items in many newspapers against his way of training dogs.  Millan maintains that he does not use excessive force and whatever methods he uses to train dogs are legitimate.  However, the spate of articles and blogs still continue to appear online and in print disputing his claim.

Millan became the permanent citizen of the USA in 2000, in 2009 he was declared a citizen of USA officially. In 1994, he married Illusion Wilson and has two children.  His wife filed for divorce in 2010 and asked for sole custody of children and support.  Millan, tried to commit suicide, but failed in his attempt.  He is now in a regular relationship with another person,  Jahira Dar.

Millan’s method of disciplining dogs is still popular and many people swear by the claim that  ‘calm aggressive’ is the best way to train dogs.  His popularity with the television audience continues and his documentaries are watched by thousands in all parts of the world.  Presently Cesar Millan, though self trained continues, to be the favorite dog trainer of many people and his word is law that is strictly followed by people.

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