Tom Blake: The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman

TOM BLAKE: The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman is the long awaited biography co-written by his friend and authorized biographer Gary Lynch. Produced by Tom Blake Cover ImageSpencer B. Croul, co-written by Malcolm Gault-Williams, edited by William K. Hoopes, with cover art by David and Bosha Struve, this 274-page volume includes over 300 images from the Blake Collection, many of which have never been publicly available until now. This collection includes not only photographs but blueprints and documents as well.

The First Edition of 2,700 is in 9 X 12 format with a sand-colored cloth cover. The cover design (represented here) is a composite of separate photos from the Tom Blake era. The print is inset into the cloth cover. The book was produced to represent an earlier time gone by, providing a cloth cover without a paper jacket. Each book is individually shrink wrapped inside a hand numbered protective outer box to ensure maximum protection.

The Special Boxed Edition of 300 is also in 9 X 12 format, but with a special dark rust-colored cloth cover and boxed slipcase. This edition features double-stamped gold lettering and is hand signed by the producer and writers. It is now sold out and no longer available.

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